Walnut-Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Yellow Cupcakes with Ganache Frosting

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When Germany comes calling for your belly, you just have to spend the 3 days required to answer its call.

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Pesto Rolls

I am on a bread roll lately. I have been baking up brioche and rolls fairly often. I still have about a kilogram of dough sitting in my freezer waiting for a craving to strike. Tonight I thought I’d make something not so greasy and with tons of flavour. I felt like pesto. And this beautiful recipe gave me pesto nirvana. They were as delicious as they look and you can be sure that these rolls will be making their appearance with different fillings for years to come. First, feast your eyes on this:

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Cream Puffs & Eclairs

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Mixed Berry Cobbler

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Lasagne – Eggplant and Zucchini

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Petit Fours

For K’s birthday and for Mother’s Day I made petit fours. Little layered cake style that are 1.25 inch squares. After reading How to eat a cupcake make them I expected the worst, but as you can see they turned out just beautiful. I combined a few different recipes and crossed my fingers.

Petit Fours

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Bears! Oh, my!

Marzipan Teddy BearThis bear is my first attempt at modeling anything edible. I am just in love with him.

Dessert Time!

Fridge shelves with cakes on themMy fridge is now full of desserts. What you don’t see on the bottom shelf is a Sourbraten getting marinated. So the entire fridge is full. Yey!