Summertime Pasta

Just try to look at this plate and tell me you’re not hungry. Go ahead. Take another look.

This dish was a complete accident. I made it up as I was walking around through the grocery store. And it is one of the greatest inventions to date. I will be making this for years to come. It’s so light, easy, and delicious that I want some now, at 2:30 AM. That picture is making my mouth water.

It started as an attempt to make something light. K was going jogging in Central Park before coming home and he was hungry when he came back. In my endless need to be of assistance I didn’t want to make him anything too heavy so when I saw this beautiful branch of tomatoes I knew I wanted to turn them into dinner.

Summertime Pasta

2 medium tomatoes
1 medium zucchini
1 can artichoke hearts
2 tbsp olive oil
½ tsp sugar
salt, pepper, fresh basil, fresh oregano, medley of any dried herbs you love (I used Italian blend, rosemary, marjoram and sage)

Prep all vegetables by cutting them into bite size pieces.

Put a pot of water on high heat and prepare 1/2 lb. of your favorite pasta according to package.

In the meantime heat the olive oil in a wok. Add zucchini and salt and pepper it. Allow to cook for about 7 minutes on medium heat, until slightly tender. Add the tomatoes and artichoke to the wok. Cook for another 7-10 minutes until heated trough and tender. Add all herbs and when the pasta is cooked, drain and add to vegetables as well. Mix well and taste for salt.

Serve with fresh Parmesan on top.


About majathebee
When planning dinner, my first idea is dessert.

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